1. The quiz, "Cerialia Cultural Challenge" is open to all the citizens of Nova Roma. The task of the contest is to answer to three multiple choice questions and one essay type question in each five cultural themes of the quiz:
    1) Agricultura
    2) Militia Romana
    3) Religio Romana
    4) Oratores et Philosophi
    5) Historia Romana

  2. The Award is open to single participants or to groups composed of a maximum of 5 citizens. Each participant or group of participants can participate with just _one_ subscription and _one_ complete set of answers. It isn't allowed to be a member of a group and participate as a individual at the same time. The answers must be in English, answers to multiple choice questions given with the correct alphabeth, essay type answers as a written text.
  3. Each subscription must have the following facts about the participant(s): Nova Roman name, real name, Nova Roman Province, age and e-mail address.
  4. The participants subscribing to the "Cerialia Cultural Challenge" are able to challenge other Nova Roman Citizens to subscribe to the "Cerialia Cultural Challenge" by entering the text "challenge" and the Nova Roman name of the challenged person and attaching this information to their subscriptions. Uncomposed groups cannot be challenged. Subscriptions and challenges attached to them will be published on Emilia Curia Finnica's Officina Aedilis Website's Ludi Section.
  5. Once the subscription time is over, questions shall be published on the Main Mailing List of Nova Roma and on the Emilia Curia Finnica's Officina Aedilis Website's Ludi Section. Answers, too, must be sent via email. Each email with a set of answers must contain the same information about the participant(s) as the subscription, see phase 3. All answers of the participants sent before the deadline of the answers will be rated. Only one answer for each question is allowed, later arrived answers to the same questions will be ignored. Answers can be sent in 1 to 5 emails, with no less than one complete theme of four questions in one email.
  6. The deadline of sending is for subscriptions April 12th and for answers April 18th 2004 (2757 a.u.c.), both at 24.00 time of Roma, sent by e-mail to c.curius@w... [c_curius AT welho DOT com - Caius Curius Saturninus] with the subject "Cerialia Cultural Challenge". Entries posted to any Nova Roma mailing list will be disqualified.
  7. The questions will be written and the answers will be judged anonymously by a Jury. The jury members will be announced later.
  8. The multiple choice questions will be judged by giving 0-1 points each, 1 point for a correct answer. Each judge in the jury shall value the essay type answers of his/her field by giving 0-3 points for each and by choosing a single best answer among those answers that have been given full three points. The judgements of the jury are un-impugnable.
  9. The three best accumulated ratings and the best single essay type answers of each theme will be awarded and published. The results will be published during Ludi Cerialia, April 19th - 26th 2004, on the Emilia Curia Finnica's Officina Aedilis Website's Ludi Section and on the Main Mailing List of Nova Roma.
  10. The texts will be archived by the Ludi organization. The participants give the right to use their answers to Nova Roma accepting this regulation. This Regulation is accepted by taking part of the "Cerialia Cultural Challenge".

    Given on March 30 2757, in the year of Consulship of Cn. Salix Astur
    and Cn. Equitus Marinus

30 March 2757

Emilia Curia Finnica
Scriba Araniae Academia Thules ad Studia Romana Antiqua et Nova
Aedilis Plebis