1. Munera shall be organised and conducted by lanistae appointed by the aediles curules and the bouts of the munera reported on the main list at the times specified by the Aediles Curules.

  2. A card listing all bouts of the munera and the particulars of each bout shall be published by the Aediles Curules at least four days prior to the munera.

  3. From publication of the card until 12:01 AM, Roman time, of the day on which the first munera shall commence (ante diem XIII Kalendae Aprilis, March 20) wagers on the bouts may be placed by citizens and socii.

  4. Each citizen or socius who chooses to participate in the munera shall be issued 100 faux-sesterces to wager on bouts in the munera. These faux-sesterces shall have no value outside the munera and ludi circenses of Nova Roma and may not be redeemed for real money or property of real value. Sesterces won by wagering on the munera may be used to support or defend aggainst dirty actions in the ludi circenses.

  5. The Quaestor of the Aedilis Curulis responsible for the feria shall record all wagers and with the aediles curules calculate odds and award and deduct sesterces from the account of each entrant on the basis of the outcome of wagers. In case of any dispute the decision of the Aediles Curules shall be final. At the conclusion of the munera the Aediles Curules shall announce the results of the wagering.

  6. Wagers may be placed on:
    A. Which fighter will draw first blood in a bout;
    B. Which fighter will win.

  7. If both fighters are stantes missi (i.e., are permitted to live by the Aedilis Curulis supervising the munera, usually on the recommendation of the audience), the wagers on victory will be refunded. If first blood is not drawn (an exceptional circumstance when both fighters fight so well neither is able to score a hit), wagers on first blood will be refunded.

  8. Citizens or socii who wish to participate in the wagering may enter by emailing to Quaestor G. Vipsanius Agrippa at canadaoccidentalis@y... the following information for each wager:
    A. Nova Roman name and provincia;
    B. The munera (prima, secunda, or tertia);
    C. The name of the gladiator on whom he/she bets to score first blood and the amount wagered; and/or
    D. The name of the gladiator on whom he/she bets to win and the amount wagered.
    All bets for all the three munera must be placed in one email per entrant.

  9. This edictum takes effect immediately.

    Given on Idus Martii in the consulship of Cn. Salix Astur and Gn. Equitius Marinus.

16 March 2757

G. Iulius Scaurus
Aedilis Curulis