Appointment of Scribae

Ex Officio Senior Curule Aedile Franciscus Apulus Caesar

I. In accordance with the Edictum Aedilicium I, this edictum appoints my personal assistants, members of the Cohors Aedilis. They'll assist me personally in my job as competent citizens. Each of their will belong of a Officina.

II. I hereby appoint Illustrus Manius Constantinus Serapio my personal assisting Quaestor as coordinator of the Cohors Aedilis F. Apulus Caesar and Caput Officina Iuridicalis.

III. I hereby appoint Illustrus Gnaeus Salix Galaicus "Scriba Aedilis Ludorum Primus" - Caput Officina Ludorum (Ludi and games).

VI. I hereby appoint Illustrus Marcus Iulius Perusianus "Scriba Aedilis Historicus Primus" - Caput Officina Archeologiae (History and archeological projects).

V. I hereby appoint Illustrus Lucius Didius Geminus Sceptius "Scriba Aedilis Ludorum Secundus" - Officina Ludorum (Ludi and Naumachiae).

VI. I hereby appoint Illustra Gaia Fabia Livia "Scriba Aedilis Historica Secunda" - Officina Archeologiae (History and archeological project).

VII. I hereby appoint Illustrus Caius Curius Saturninus "Scriba Aedilis Ludorum" - Officina Ludorum (Technical support about games).

VIII. As Apparitores of Nova Roma they are asked to, within one week of their appointment, swear the public oath for Apparitores as indicated by the Consulis Edictum de Iusiurando Apparitorum. The Oath must be published on the Nova Roma Roma Main List!

IX. This edictum becomes effective immediately.

12 January 2756