Creation of an Aedilian Cohort

Ex Officio Curule Aedile Franciscus Apulus Caesar

I. This edictum estabilishes the creation of a Cohors Aedilis, the personal staff of the Senior Curule Aedile helping me about the duties of my Office.

II. The Cohors Aedilis is divided in Officinae, specialized groups of competent assistants. The Officinae are:
- Officina Ludorum: about the organization of Ludi, games, sports, awards,
- Officina Iuridicialis: about the juridical tasks of the Curule Aedile during the Ludi and the investigations of commercial and market crimes
- Officina Concursus: about the organization of live meetings
- Officina Archeologiae: about the study and projectation of archeological live projects

III. Each Officina will have a Caput, the first Scriba chief of the group, and Scribae. The Cohors Aedilis will be coordinated by an assisting Quaestor.

IV. This Cohors shall assist me as Senior Curule Aedile and deal only with me and each other on a close Yahoo! mailing list.

V. The Cohors Aedilis will have an official website as headquarter and presentation of the jobs. The official website of the Senior Curule Aedile F. Apulus Caesar is at http://italia.novaroma.org/apulus. Here the Cohors Aedilis will publish the calendar of events, the news about Ludi, the archeological projects, the last legal issues, etc. and all the informations to contact the Staff.

VI. This edictum becomes effective immediately.

12 January 2756