Appointment of Domini Factionum

Ex Officio Curile Aedile Caeso Fabius Q.

Edictum Aedilicium XVIII - Appointment of the four Domini Factionum for the year 2756 A.U.C.

It is time to appoint the four Domini Factionum for the four Circus Parties that are called Factiones: Russata (Red), Praesina (Blue), Veneta (Green) and Albata (White). Each Dominus Factionis has been elected in a election organised by the Cohors Aedilis CFQ and is appointed by the Senior Curule Aedile..

I. The following citizens were candidates to become Dominus Factionis leading each Factio and got the following points or voluntered and got the following votes,:

ALBATA 1) Marcus Octavius Solaris - 6 points (official candidate) votes: 4 2) Marcus Octavius Germanicus - 4 pts (didn't candidate)

RUSSATA: 1) Tiberius Arminius Hyacinthus - 14 pts (didn't candidate) 2) M. Minicius Rufus - 12 pts (didn't candidate) 3) Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix (voluntary Candidate) votes: 5 Dominus Factionis

VENETA: 1) Lucius Pompeius Octavianus - 6 pts (official candidate) vote: 1 2) G. Cornelius Ahenobarbus - 6 pts (didn't candidate)

PRAESINA: 1) Manius Constantinus Serapio - 20 pts (official reserve) 2) Caius Curius Saturninus - 17 pts

II. The following candidates are elected by the Factio members or selected according to "Edictum Aedilicium XVII about the appointment of four Domini Factionum for 2756 A.U.C." and are appointed to serve each Factio as Dominus Factionis:

Russata: Illustrus Tiberius Apollonius Cicatrix

Praesina: Illustrus Manius Constantinus Serapio

Veneta: Illustrus Lucius Pompeius Octavianus

Albata: Honorable Marcus Octavius Solaris

This is the will of the members of the Factiones. Let us all obey their will and assist the Domini Factionum in their duties. Honor to the Domini Factionum and Juppiter Optimus Maximus!!!

III. Each "Dominus Factionis" for each Factio will serve until the 31th of December of 2756 A.U.C. Still this edictum must be prolonged by the next years Senior Curule Aedile.

IV. Each Dominus Factionis is asked to contact Illustrus Franciscus Apulus Caesar (sacro_barese_impero@libero.it ) to get the needed information to be able to act as the Dominus Factionis.

V. The newly elected and appointed Domini Factionum should study "Edictum Aedilicium XVII about the appointment of four Domini Factionum for 2756 A.U.C."

VI. As an official of Nova Roma these Domini Factionum are asked to, within one week of their appointment,swear the public oath shown on http://www.novaroma.org/tabularium/lex99191002.html using both their Nova Roman name and within parenthesis her macroworld (real) name.

The Oath must be published on the Nova Roma Main List!

VII. This edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given December the 28th, in the year of the consulship of Marcus Octavius Germanicus and Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, 2755 AUC.

28 December 2755