Appointment of a Scriba Aedilis Investigator Secundus et Artificium

Ex Officio Curile Aedile Caeso Fabius Q.

Edictum Aedilicium IX about the appointment of a "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Investigator Secundus et Artificium"

I have a very active and hard working Cohors Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.). In the Officina Ludi (Festival and Games workshop) there is need for one more assistant to assist those who already are working with the Ludi. In the Officina Investigatoris (Research workshop) I seem to have lost the Head at least for now, so here I now need a temporary Head. To fill these positions I have recruited a new member of the Cohors Aedilis.

I. I hereby appoint Honorable Caius Cornelius Ahenobarbus "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Investigator Secundus et Artificium" Second Aedilian Scriba for Inquiry and Artwork), this is to be his full title.

Honorable Caius Cornelius Ahenobarbus is also to become Caput ad Tempus (Head for the time being) of the Officina Investigatoris (Office of Inquiry) in his capacity as "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Investigator Secundus". In this capacity he will have the main responsibility for the creation of the Aedil's Handbook and some other research. This Officina has been "decimated" as two members seem to have left Nova Roma and one is on leave of absence. I may re-organize this Officina if I can find more research interested assistants.

Honorable Caius Cornelius Ahenobarbus is also, in his capacity as "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Artificium", to assist in the Officina Ludi as Adiutor Tertius (Third Assistant) to Caput Officina (Head of Department): Quaestor Illustrus Franciscus Apulus Caesar. In this Officina he shall work together with the Adiutor Primus (First Assistant): "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Cursus Equorum" (Aedilian Scriba for Horse Races) Honorable Gnaeus Salix Galeicus and Adiutor Secundus (Second Assistant): Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Concursus Primus Honorable Caius Curius Saturninus (Procrator Academia Thules).

II. As an official of Nova Roma this Scriba is asked to, within one week of his appointment, swear the public oath shown on http://www.novaroma.org/tabularium/lex99191002.html using both his Nova Roman name and within parenthesis his macroworld (real) name.

The Oath must be published on the Nova Roma Main List!

III. This edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given April the 14th, in the year of the consulship of Marcus Octavius Germanicus and Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, 2755 AUC.

14 April 2755