Re-organization of Cohors Aedilis Caeso Fabius Q.

Ex Officio Curile Aedile Caeso Fabius Q.

Edictum Aedilicium VII about the re-organization of Cohors Aedilis Caeso Fabius Q.

As the work with my Aedilship has gone on, the ambitions of myself and my Cohors Aedilis (Aedilian staff) has grown and the tasks that are taken on have become more complicated. I still think that a magistrate have a better chance of doing a good job if he has competent assistants. This have lead to a situation where I have decided to include a few more positions and to change one title.

  1. The staff will be reinforced with the following two Scribae positions:

    1. "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q. Concursus Secunda" (Second Aedilian Scriba Specialized in meetings)

    2. "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Cursus Equorum" (Aedilian Scriba for Horse Races)

  2. The title of the following assistant: "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q. Concursus" will be changed to "Scriba Aedilis (Caeso Fabius Q.) Concursus Primus" (First Aedilian Scriba Specialized in meetings), this position is still held by Honorable Caius Curius Saturninus

  3. This edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given January the 31th, in the year of the consulship of Marcus Octavius Germanicus and Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, 2755 AUC.

31 January 2755