Edict Regarding Hostnames in NovaRoma.ORG

ante diem XVII Kalendas Ianuarias MDCCLIII a.u.c.


Any Provincia or officially-recognized Sodalitas of Nova Roma may request and receive an Internet hostname, also known as a "Fully Qualified Domain Name", within the NovaRoma.org domain. This hostname will be directed to a server chosen by the designated representatives of that Sodalitas or Provincia.

It is the intrinsic and unalterable nature of host names that these names consist of a hostname portion, followed by a dot, followed by the domain name, "novaroma.org". Examples:

  • latinitas.novaroma.org
  • militarium.novaroma.org
  • britannia.novaroma.org
  • canada-orientalis.novaroma.org

Sodalitates or Provincia that wish to obtain such names may do so by making a request of the Curule Aediles or Plebeian Aediles, who will ensure that the request is on behalf of an official organization within Nova Roma, and will then contact the Curator Araneae or other appropriate technical personnel to create the name, and see that it is pointed to the appropriate web server.

Nothing in this edict shall be construed to obligate the Curator Araneae or anyone else to provide an actual server on which to host these sites.

M. Octavius Germanicus
Curule Aedile

15 December 2753