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Address of the Princeps Senatus 2761 a.U.c.

Salvete Quirites!

I have been asked by the Curule Aediles to hold a speech as the Princeps Senatus. In our Res Publica I am nothing more than the oldest former Censor (Censorius), Although I have a lot of experience of the inner workings of Nova Roma, I am still just another Senator. Anyway, I hope that most of You will be able to share my vision.

With the support of my prayers to the Immortals and the knowledge of Nova Roma I hereby will present my vision of the future for Nova Roma. This future will, however, not be achieved without the hard work of us, her citizens and an honest look at the present.

Nova Roma after ten years is a kid, rather quarrelsome, loud and self-centered. But, quirites, Rome wasn't built on one day and Nova Roma will not be built on a base of just a decade. Will Nova Roma survive the present clamor? To achieve this we will need to show more Comitas, Clementia, Severitas, Pietas and Prudentia, these are Roman virtues that or forefathers excelled in and that we also need to master. Yes, Nova Roma has, as its mother, the city of Rome, survived again and again, protected by the Immortals.

This is also, with Roma Antiqua as model, what Nova Roma will do. As the Palatine Hill was the true center around which Roma Aeterna was built, these 10 years old Res Publica will be the center around which Nova Roma, while praying to Mother Palatua, will grow stronger and more stabile. Please remember that also the first years of the City was full of conflicts, but like the embryonic city on the Palatine survived this Res Publica will survive.

Nova Roma will rise and survive during the coming ten years to become bigger and stronger, even though we might never show a totally united front. Still if we continue to pray to Concordia and ask her for guidance we might learn how to at least unite enough to keep the Res Publica together.

Nova Roma is protected by the Capitol triad: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. With their connecting with the skies, the feminine aspect and wisdom and with them as our powerful Protectors we might slowly become as stabile as the Capitol rock that their temple stood on.

But this will not be achieved if we don't deserve it and we need to start building that ground that will be the foundation for the coming years and for the future. I am convinced that we need to build local chapters (oppida and municipia), continue to support the Magna Mater project, look for more projects that will earn us the respect of the surrounding world, recruit and teach more citizens and cultores and generally involve ourselves more in the Roman world as it takes shape today.

This is my vision, it includes less petty discussions and more work in the real world to make Romanitas and our Res Publica present in today's world. In ten years we must set new goals to take the next step and with the help of the Immortals that will make us, after ten more years, more well known and strong among all those who are interested of Roma Aeterna.


Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus

Princeps Senatus

Civis Romanus sum

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