Opening Ceremony ~ Ludi Megalenses 2761 AUC (Nova Roma)

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Opening Ceremony

Aed. P. Memmius Albucius omnibus s.d.

This is time for Megalesia! On behalf of my collega S. Lucilius Tutor, currently impeached, and who is normally in charge this year of this important Ludi, I declare the Ludi Megalenses open!!

Please have all a thought to the hard times of Punic wars, when the Magna Mater dea had honored our City accepting sailing to Rome, and settling on Palatine.

Let us honor our Magna Mater and have fun all along these Ludi!

My collega Lucilius and Quaestor Hortensia will specify as soon as possible the detail of the Ludi program.

Valete bene omnes!

P. Memmius aed. cur.

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