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The Primary Mission of Nova Roma is set by the Senate, here at section VIII.A.ii

"The promotion and maintenance of a framework of protective processes and procedures, that the Senate deems necessary through its considered deliberations, to ensure that the secondary function of Nova Roma is pursued effectively and achieved. The current expression of that primary mission shall be:
Any existing Senatus consultum and Senatus consultum ultimum still in force, and not subsequently superseded or repealed, and which was issued since January 2764, and
Any future Lex, Plebiscite, Senatus consultum ultimum, Decretum, Senatus consultum, or Edictum enacted subsequent to the enactment of this Senatus consultum ultimum, where such is clearly and evidently supportive of the secondary function."

The Secondary Mission of Nova Roma is set by the Senate, here at section VIII.A.iii

"The current secondary "mission" of Nova Roma is declared to be
The fulfillment of the methodology and objectives set forth in the discussion papers listed below, in a manner deemed appropriate by incorporation state law and thereafter in whatever manner is deemed by the Senate to be the most appropriate and practical, which if so fulfilled will lead to the continuous achievement of the primary function:
Nova Roma Reborn ( http://novaroma.org/vici/images/NovaRomaReborn.pdf ) and
Nova Roma Onward ( http://novaroma.org/vici/images/NovaRomaOnward.pdf )
Other than the Constitution and the Senate, no other Nova Roman institution, body, magistrate, official or citizen is permitted to interpret, define, or derive meaning of what is, or what is not, a function(s) and/or mission(s) of Nova Roma."
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