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Legatus legionis (3rd Rank Official census points)

The incumbent is appointed by the Senate and charged with specific tasks, or the task of upgrading the classification of his/her area. The legatus legionis shall by default report to the consuls, or to a senator who is already appointed as governor of another province that need not necessarily be geographically adjacent to the area assigned to the legatus legionis. The Senatus consultum appointing the legatus legionis shall specify who he/she is to report to, the nature of the tasks assigned, the duration of his appointment, and the extent of his scope of authority (imperium). More than one legatus legionis may be assigned to the same area. There is no requirement for the legatus legionis to be resident in the area to which he/she is assigned to.

The appointment of this officer of the Senate allows for citizens with little experience of managing people, tasks, and projects, to gain experience within prescribed bounds and at the same time be subject to close supervision and oversight. In the past willing volunteers were simply signed up as governors, partly to show the Senate was being diligent and partly due to local pressure. The results frequently were less than satisfactory, and at times disastrous. The old provinces simply pursued their own policies and objectives. With this officer the Senate can guide the development of an area, and observe how well, or how badly, an incumbent in this role actually performs. It can be considered as a stepping stone to the role of procurator of a province.

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