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Enroll your horse/rider in the Equirria Horse Race around the streets of the Campus Martius! You may enter one horse/rider.

Entries must contain:

A. His/her name in Nova Roma;
B. The name of his/her rider;
C. The name of his/her horse;
D. The name of his/her "factio" or team:
  • Albata
  • Praesina
  • Russata
  • Veneta

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Entries must be received NO LATER THAN February 26th.

Submit entries to: lucius_vitellius_triarius@yahoo.com


The Equirria Horse Race Around the Streets of the Campus Martius


2:00 PM ~ Live from the Trigarium

Salvete omnes! This is by M. Verus Paenula, bringing you LIVE REPORTING from the Campus Martius this afternoon for the Running of the Horses for the Equirria!

It was a foggy morning here along the Tiber earlier, but as we approach the running of the horses in the Equirria Horse Race around the Campus Martius, the sky is a dark blue with only a few, puffy white clouds scattered about this sunny afternoon. Immediately after the opening ceremony of the Ludi Conditorum, special celebrations and a ritus were held at the Temple of Neptunus Equester just down the street. As the afternoon unfolds, the competitors are inside the Trigarium, normally used by the racing factiones as a training track for the Ludi Circenses, warming up their horses in preparation for the event. Many of the fans have turned out this afternoon for the race, and the factiones have been working all night at their stables, planning their tactics for the race.

Praesina seems to be excited about the race, providing a special entry. I recently spoke with Praesina veteran, Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana, who had this to say about her entry: "Celer, who distinguished himself in the foot race of the previous Ludi, now demonstrates his riding skills. He learned to ride at home in the Calabrian countryside, where mastery of his horse meant the difference between a safe journey and a deadly pitfall. Celer is our rider because he is lighter and more slender than his brother. Our horse, Falco Rapax, is of a new breeding line which we acquired through the contacts of our new gladiator, Aghila. Falco Rapax is of the desert breed, long-limbed, incredibly fleet, and with great endurance."

Citizens, this is just a sampling of the outstanding breeds found here today, all of which I am sure will be representative of some of the finest lines of Roman-bred horses from the stables of Rome.

3:30 PM ~ First Call of the Riders

Race officials have just called for all riders and their horses to assemble on the via Tecta outside the Trigarium. The teams are now beginning to go out on the street and line up in a westward direction. Here comes Q. Valerius Poplicola, one of the race officials on the Curule Aediles’ cohors.
CLC : "Salve Quinti Valeri, can you tell us a little about the race today?
Valerius pauses and states:
- The race today will begin here at the Trigarium. The teams will proceed west down the via Tecta, then turn east on the via Recta. Coming to the via Lata, they will turn right and race down the street until they get to the vicus Pallacinae. Turning right again, they will proceed through the theatre district and back to the finish line in front of the Trigarium on the via Tecta. We wish all the competitors the very best and a safe race this morning!
- Thanks, Scriba!
- You welcome, Paenula! "

I have just been handed a papyrus, listing the competitors for today’s race. The racers have drawn lots about an hour ago and here is the line-up for the race, from inside on the right to outside on the left:

  • Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata riding the horse, Buccellatum Maris, sponsored by Gn. Equitius Marinus.
  • Amara Aigeus (a male Greek rider) of Factio Russata riding Archimedes, sponsored by Titus Arminius Genialis.
  • Pernix the Gaul of Factio Veneta riding Flamma Romana, sponsored by Ti. Galerius Paulinus.
  • Lucius of Factio Veneta, riding the black stallion, Fulgur (Lightening), sponsored by Max. Valeria Messallina.
  • Emrys the Briton of Factio Veneta, riding Golden Girl, an Arabian mare, sandy in color, but looking almost golden in bright sunlight, and also sponsored by Max. Valeria Messallina.
  • Scorpianus of Factio Veneta, riding Babieca, sponsored by Lucius Rutilius Minervalis.
  • Gaius Aurelius Falco Celer of Factio Praesina, riding the horse Falco Rapax and sponsored by the illustrious racing veteran, Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana.

As the riders make their line, Curule Aediles P. Memmius and Sex. Lucilius, escorted by Scriba Scholastica, inspect the horses on the line, while Scriba Lentulus restates the rules of the race to the riders.

4:00 PM ~ Official Start of the Race

Now, Quaestor L. Vitellius prepares for the start of the race, climbing the steps of the newly-erected rostra inside the walls of the Trigarium, overlooking the street and riders below. The Quaestor slowly raises his right arm, the white mappa in hand. The arm steady and the mappa blowing in the breeze, the horses snort and jump, anticipating the start seemingly more than the crowds! The riders prepare, the cornicen sounds...and the mappa is dropped! They’re off from the starting line, racing westward down the via Tecta!

West on via Tecta, they riders are massed, each attempting to gain a lead over the others. Emrys of Factio Veneta, Pernix of Factio Veneta and Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata seem to be edging their way in front of each other for the lead. Passing through the Tarentum, the Temples of Dis Pater and Prosperina on their left, the riders make the gradual turn, lashing repeatedly, both horse and adversary. As they approach the intersection of the via Tecta and via Recta, it appears that Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata and Lucius of Factio Veneta are now in the lead. Wait, here comes Scorpianus of Factio Veneta, breaking through and making an inside cut to the right, overtaking the rest for the lead! Now, his lead is cut short by Celer of Factio Praesina!

Coming to the intersection, they turn right onto the Via Recta racing east towards the via Lata. This long straight stretch of street allows the riders to space out some, and gives the opportunity for everyone to compete for the lead position. Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata and Emrys of Factio Veneta are neck and neck. It appears that Pernix of Factio Veneta has just gained a marginal lead over Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata. Now, Lucius of Factio Veneta drops back, allowing Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata to take the lead. Scorpianus of Factio Veneta is pulling ahead with a fierce momentum!

As the pass beside the Amphitreatrum Tauri on their right, Celer of Factio Praesina is in the lead. Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata, Pernix of Factio Veneta, and Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata are ahead of Scorpianus of Factio Veneta and Emrys of Factio Veneta, with Lucius of Factio Veneta slowing his pace behind the rest.

Passing the Stadium Domitiani, then the Pantheon on their right, Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata and Pernix of Factio Veneta are in the lead, next comes Celer of Factio Praesina and Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata, followed by Lucius of Factio Veneta, Emrys of Factio Veneta and Scorpianus of Factio Veneta who are in the third grouping.

Arriving at the via Lata, the riders make a swift turn to the right and head down the via Lata, the riders turn and lash each other, but the positions do not seem to change much. The crowds are yelling for their favorites and the noise does not seem to affect the riders and their horses. All thoughts are centered on victory at this point. In the distance, spectators remove a banner, which has fallen down on the street from above. Citizens rush to pull the banner out of the way before the riders reach their section of the street.

Passing under the Aqua Virgo through the Arch of Claudius, the riders are refreshed as cool water is being thrown down on them from some young children atop the aqueduct. Officials have removed some of the cover stones for this particular purpose. Smelling the incense burning in the Temple of Isis et Serapis to their right, this somewhat distracts the horses as they pass by, allowing Scorpianus of Factio Veneta to jump ahead of the rest. Lucius of Factio Veneta and Pernix of Factio Veneta have now moved into second place, and Celer of Factio Praesina, Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata, Emrys of Factio Veneta and Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata are competing for third.

Reaching the Villa Publica, they turn right on to the Vicus Pallacinae, and rush through the theatre district. They continue on down the vicus Pallacinae with the Theatre of Marcellus, Threatre of Balbus (built in 13 BC by Cornelius Balbus) on their left and the Curia and Theatre of Pompey on their right side. The street has become somewhat narrow now as each rider tries to squeeze between the others. Scorpianus of Factio Veneta continues to lead, while Lucius of Factio Veneta has now yielded to Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata, Celer of Factio Praesina and Emrys of Factio Veneta, who are fighting for second. Pernix of Factio Veneta and Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata speed down the street in the third place position.

Turning right back onto the Via Tecta and racing towards the finish line, the street widens and the riders begin to push harder for the lead position. Scorpianus of Factio Veneta pulls back, giving Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata and Emrys of Factio Veneta the dual lead. But wait, Celer of Factio Praesina is making a strategic move, Pernix of Factio Veneta is coming up, as is Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata, along side Lucius of Factio Veneta.

Passing by the Navalis on their left, the riders can clearly see the tall masts of the quinquiremes docked in the port along the Aurelian Wall, which were hidden in the morning fog bank along the Tiber. The riders are all pushing their mounts to the fullest limits! Approaching the finish line, they are greated by the enormous roars of the crowds lining the streets. The fans of each factio are lining the street in front of their particular factio's stables.

First, they race by the Praesina stables on their right. The Greens wave them on with some suspicion. Then it’s by the Veneta and Russata stables on their left. The Blues, dominant in the race today, erupt with a roaring thunder as the riders race by, only to be countered with thunderous cheers from the Reds! Finally passing the Stables of Albata on their left, the whites are lining the streets and the rooftops of the Albata stables, and they are yelling, “TiFa! TiFa! TiFa!.”. This, obviously in support of the rider, Tiberius Fabricius. Consularis Marinus is waving the Albata banner wildly from the rooftop and Tiberius Fabricius speeds by!

Now, it's a straight shot down the via Tecta towards the Trigarium and the finish line. It’s anybody’s race at this point. OOOOHH! Pernix the Gaul of Factio Veneta has apparently thrown a shoe and is coming to a trot and the remaining teams fly by him. What a sad moment for Factio Veneta!

As the riders approach the finish, the race officials are online to make the rulings. As they pass across the finish line, it’s appears to be Scorpianus of Factio Veneta in First Place. Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata and Gaius Aurelius Falco Celer of Factio Praesina appear to have entered at the exact same time, so we will have to wait on the final determination on Second Place. Next, comes Emrys the Briton of Factio Veneta, then, Lucius of Factio Veneta, followed by Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata, and lastly trotting in is Pernix the Gaul of Factio Veneta.

4:30 PM ~ The Finish Line

The officials are checking with each other and debating the finish. Scriba Crispus tallies the official results, then the Quaestors Vitellius and Hortensia review the tablet. Quaestor Vitellius now quietens the crowd to announce the official results:

  • 1st Place: Scorpianus of Factio Veneta, sponsored by Lucius Rutilius Minervalis
  • 2nd Place: Gaius Aurelius Falco Celer of Factio Praesina, sponsored by Gaia Aurelia Falco Silvana
  • 3rd Place: Amara Aigeus of Factio Russata, sponsored by Titus Arminius Genialis
  • 4th Place: Emrys the Briton of Factio Veneta, Vestal Max. Valeria Messallina
  • 5th Place: Lucius of Factio Veneta, sponsored by Vestal Max. Valeria Messallina
  • 6th Place: Tiberius Fabricius of Factio Albata, sponsored by Gn. Equitius Marinus
  • 7th Place: Pernix the Gaul of Factio Veneta, sponsored by Ti. Galerius Paulinus

4:45 PM ~ Victory Awards Presentation and Post-Race Celebrations

The crowds gather in front of the Trigarium, where the Aedilitas curulis and Lucius Rutilius Minervalis await the Consuls, as they climb to the top of the Rostra. Consul Moravius presents the Victor of the Race, Scorpianus, with a gilded corona, while Consul Iulius gives Lucius Rutilius Minervalis a gilded presentation box, filled with silver denarii and embossed with equestrian scenes on the sides and top of the box. The crowd cheers as Quaestor Vitellius lifts the Victor’s Arm high into the air! Quaestor Vitellius thanks each of the riders and their sponsors, then he announces that celebrations are to be held in the Trigarium for everyone! The crowd files into the Trigarium for free Falernian…a gift for the occasion from the vineyards of the Vitellii in Ostia. As the crowds make their way inside, Scriba Poplicola nails an announcement and schedule for the following days’ games onto the gates of the Trigarium.

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