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The Certamen Petronianum II is the highest profile literary competition of Nova Roma, organized by the aedilis plebis A. Iulius Paterculus, with renowned international award-winning author, writer and poet Jo Walton as the chair of the contest Jury. Our previous Certamen Petronianum was presided by famous Roman novel author Dr. Colleen McCullough and Roman history scholar and author Prof. Dr. Peter Wiseman. Our current edition honors the memory of our previous jury member Colleen McCullough who deceased this year.
Participate in the competition and win accommodation near the eternal city, Rome, in the Dea Diana B&B, assortments of Roman spices and valuable original Roman coins!
For more information, visit the Certamen Petronianum II Webpage

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Voting Schedule

Today: a.d. VII Id. Oct. .

Comitia Centuriata

Censor (1)

Censores are very respected magistrates with the highest auctoritas to safeguard the public morality and honour but third in rank after the consules and praetores, because they do not possess imperium, and have no power to convene either the senate or an assembly of the people. Their principal duty is to maintain the lists of citizens, equestrians and senators.

To stand for election as censor, a potential candidate is required to be at least 27 years old as of the effective date of office and must be assiduus.

Pli ...


Consul (2)


Praetor (2)


Comitia Populi Tributa

Curule Aedile (2)


Quaestor (8)


Rogator (2)


Diribitor (4)


Custos (2)


Comitia Plebis Tributa


Voting has ended for the Plebiscita.

Aedilis Plebis (2)


Tribunus Plebis (5)


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