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Closing Ceremony

The following closing ceremony has begun in the forum, at 11:45 pm Rome time, on this Februarius 17th. Aed. cur. Memmius was on the Rostra in curule clothes, Aed. cur. Lucilius by his side. Memmius said:


Here are ending our Lupercalia days ! And what an end ! This has been Quirinalia, today : how could we have a better end ?!

All along these too short three Lupercales days, the Gods have protected us and given us, in the most parts of Lupercalia, a beautiful weather for our Ludi. Faunus, Jupiter and Juno have opened our festival, Dea Roma has strengthened its life, and Quirinus has brought it smoothly to its end, a joyful end.

Lupercalenses ludi are ending, and soon, our ancient year, whose last day will be Fornicalia, the day before the Kalends of March. To celebrate this old year, you have begun having fun, specially since the darkness has fallen on our city. If even not everything is allowed today and this night, more will be forgiven, and we aediles be less severe than another day. It is a day when the slaves do not work, the women may be taken for men and men for women, the serious people for histrions, etc.

Our Lupercalenses, or Lupercales - as might prefer the most purists of us - will end in a good mood, and the satisfaction that aedilician team has having made its job. Sure we might have more competitors for the literary contests, more participation on this forum, but, what! This is just the beginning of what we called the Ludi Decennales, these extra-games for this 10th birthday 2761 auc year.

Celebrating this special Lupercalia time have helped us thinking, more than usual, to our Twins, to the foundation of Rome, to our myths and history, and that the ones are not to be opposed to the others. Rome is all of them at the same time.

In two weeks, we will meet again for a more important event : Ludi Conditorum, the Games of our Founders. Religious priests and top official magistrates have already confirmed us their involvement. I hope that you, Quirites, will be many to celebrate this special time, beginning with the Equirria and whose central day will be the Kalends Martis, the day Nova Roma have been created, Rome renewed, by Patres Patriae Cassius and Vedius.

Many pleasant moments will remain in our memories. This night will be one of them, or when praying our 'daily god' at dawn. The Athletics race in Circus Flaminius will be another good memories, when specially Qu. Vitellius let the mappa fall in the silence of the track, releasing the first race athletes.

Aed. cur. Memmius observed twelve seconds of silence, one for every month of the year, and turned over to the Capitole, looking up in the arx's direction.

Gods of Rome, and you, specially Faunus, Jupiter, Juno, Dea Roma and Quirinus, I, Memmius, collega Lucilius, Quaestors Vitellius and Hortensia and our whole aedilitas humbly thank you all for your protection and support during these three days. Thanks for the support that your Luperci and sacerdotes brought us! Mater Lupa, you may go back your Lupercal and get some rest. Forgive us Romani, if we are Stulti, this night, as Quirinus has allowed us. Thanks to Concordia to have watched on these first extraordinary games in this extraordinary year. Soon, in less than two nundinae, we will disturb you once again, Dii, with Mars! Forgive us all, and keep us your protection. But overall, stay in our homes, each of our activities, in our assemblies, in our whole daily life, from tomorrow fresh morning on! The Ludi Lupercalenses are over, but Rome is going on."

End of the closing ceremony, at 0:15 pm Rome time, on this Feb. 18th.

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