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Ceremony to Ianus

Albucius aed. omnibus s.d.

Please find below the C.L.C. report on the ritual that has conducted Sacerdos Tiberius Octavius Claudianus at dawn in the wooden temple of Janus, in the Argiletum (street).

The JUNO ritual (in the second part of this morning) will be published later by officiant Pontifex M. Moravius Piscinus.

Has currently begun : the Concordia ceremony, by Sacerdos Cn. Cornelius Lentulus.

Valete omnes,

P. Memmius Albucius aed. cur.

Concordalia Ritual to Ianus

07:05 - Sent by our reporter P. Concordianus Pauper for CLC (Catena Ludorum Curulium)

Short after dawn the pontifices and the consuls have joined the Aediles curules, to take part in the traditional ritual at the Temple of Janus, in the Argiletum street, not far from the Forum.

Most of the public or religious officers are also there, except, like yesterday, both Patres Patriae. We must remember that on Fornicalia, the Collegium Pontificum has stated the end of Pontifex Maximus and Pater Patriae Cassius's office, and this may explain that.

Sacerdos Iani Tiberius Ocatius Claudianus has officied in the Argiletum. As it has been his first ritual, he has been helped, specially in reviewing his ceremonial formulas, by Pontifex Moravius.

More than a hundred citizens have gathered in the street around the temple, before its eastern gate and behind it, towards the western gate. For you know that this very old place has a gate to the east and the rising sun and a door looking to the west and sunset.

Silence has quick fallen on the Argiletum, for everybody had conscience of this particular event : it is not so often we have Matronalia mixed with a Concordalia festival, and a Nova Roma tenth birthday !

And Tiberius Octavius Claudianus gave the following ceremony :

Octavius has :

Approached the altar bearing gifts and with your right hand held forward, palm up, in a gesture of offering.

Hus ades, Pater Iane, Codievi oborieso. Omnia vero ad Patulcium commisse. Iane iam es, duonus Cerus es, duonus Ianus. Veni potissimum melios eum recum, Deorum Deus.

Come, be present, Father Janus, the Opener. Arise Planter (of the Stars). All things, truly, I entrust to Patulcium the Opener. Now You are Janus the Gatekeeper, now Cerus the Good Creator, now Janus the God of Good Beginnings. Come, now most especially, God of Gods, You who are the better of these kings.

Offered incense of bay laurel and sweet scented flowers.

Quamvis aliorum numina placem, Iane, tibi primum tura merumque fero, 'ut posso aditum per tu, qui limina serves, ad quoscumque volo habere deos.

Janus, though I propitiate other Gods, I do offer wine and cakes to You first, so that I may obtain access through You, Janus, to any of the other Gods I may call upon.

In tua, pater carissime, in tua sumus custodia. Iane, te hoc ture ommovendo bonas preces praecor, uti sis volens propitius mihi liberisque meis domo familiaeque meae.

In You, dearest Father, in Your hands do we place our safekeeping. Janus, in offering to You this incense I pray good prayers that You may favor me, my children, our house and our home.

Poured a libation of honeyed wine:

Iane pater, uti te strue commovenda bonas preces bene precatus sum, eiusdem rei ergo macte vino inferio esto

Father Janus, be strengthened by this bread, be warmed by this small portion of our wine.

Iane, veni: Matutine pater, seu Jane, libentius audis, unde homines operum primos vitaeque labores instituunt, sic dis placitum, tu caminis esto principium.

Janus, come! Father Matutinus, or else Janus, if You so prefer to hear, regarded by men as the beginning of works and life's labors, so does it please the Gods, may You begin my prayer. (Insert prayers)

Finished by pouring a second libation as before. Then turning around, your hand held liberalis, to pray:

Harumce rerum ergo sis volens propitius mihi liberisque meis domo familiaeque meae, sicuti dixi, ergo macte vino inferio esto

Thus for these reasons, as I have said, that You might be favorable to me, to my children, our house and our home, therefore may You be honored by this small portion of wine.

Ilicet. Di immortales faciant, tam pias quam felices.

Thus it is done. May the immortal Gods make it so, as fortunate as it is pious.

Here it is, auditores et spectatores ! Here is the end of this Janus ceremony, on these Concordalia / Matronalia Day. Now, I will meet you at 10:30, for this second morning ritual, Juno's one. See you there!

- 08:20 - C.L.C. - P. Concordianus Pauper -

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