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Our society

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Census points
Assidui - Capite censi

Social structure of Nova Roma

The term capite census (capite censa, female, capite censi, plural), currently in Nova Roma refers to those citizens who are either non-taxpayers, or who pay the taxes, but don't have at least 16 census points. A capite census can alternatively be called proletarius (proletaria, female, proletarii, plural).

This means that, currently, there are three categories:

  • citizens who pay taxes and have more than 16 census points: these are termed assidui,
  • citizens who pay taxes but don't have more than 16 census points: these are termed taxpayer capite censi
  • citizens who don't pay taxes: these are termed non-taxpayer capite censi

Capite census citizens represent the lowest, "outclassed" mass of a Roman society, which in Nova Roma consists of people who are not dedicated enough to contribute financially to the cause of Nova Roma by paying a small amount of membership fee, or who did not collected census points by active participation. Capite census citizens are distributed into the 4 urban tribes (against the 31 rural tribes of the assiduus citizens) and into 1 single century out of the 5 classes (under classes, infra classem) (against the 30 centuries of the 5 classes of the assidui ). These instructions ensure that assidui have an overwhelming voting power in all comitia, but specially in the comitia centuriata.

Previous use of this term in Nova Roma

Formerly in Nova Roma, capite censi were identical with those who don't pay taxes, and all taxpayers were assidui. Since St. Cornelia C. Aemilio cos. MMDCCLXVII a.u.c., not all taxpayers are classified as assidui, but only those who have at least 16 census points.

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