Roman Days Report
by Senator Marcus Cassius Iulianus


Patricia Cassia and I have returned at last from Roman Days (and our vacation which followed it!)

This year's Roman Days was a great success, including great weather, interesting program events, and wonderful company with fellow Romans! Senator Marcus Audens has already posted a wonderful write up of the event as a whole, so I'll confine my report to highlights specific to Nova Roma.

As of this event, Nova Roma has been in 'official' attendance at Roman Days for five years! We have had a full pavilion where Nova Roma information, flyers and merchandise are available. Roman Days has been an *excellent* time for presenting our micronation to the public - people get to meet real Nova Romans face to face, ask questions, and generally get a feel for things that our literature, lists and websites can't always convey. :)

This year's Roman Days was excellent for Nova Roma. Many dozens of flyers were handed out, and the sales of Nova Roma T-shirts, official coinage and bumper-stickers, and laminated wallet cards featuring the Roman Virtues were outstanding! (I don't have exact figures of sales, but will post a report to this list and the Senate in a day or two.) Patricia Cassia also had a wonderful display of an altar to the Goddess Minerva, at which a few people even made offerings! It was all a great opportunity to get Nova Roma's name out there in a positive and productive way!

Roman Days this year was also a wonderful time for some Nova Romans to spend time with each other in person. We had no less than FIVE Senators in attendance: Consul Octavius Germanicus, Senator Marcus Minucius Audens, Senator Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus, Senator Patricia Cassia, and myself. While we didn't constitute a 'quorum' of the Senate, we were able to discuss a few issues informally, and everyone seemed to greatly enjoy getting to do so in person for once!

There were at least another half-dozen Nova Romans in attendance including Gallio Marsalles of the XXIVth Legion, "Maximus" Minucius Gladius of the 'Ludi Maximus Gladitori", Merlinia Ambrosia, our new Sacerdotes Vestae, Lucia Ambrosia Valeria and other Citizens who's Roman names I apologize for not recalling well enough to post... :) We got to socialize at the wonderful Roman feast put on by Merlinia, and also at various parts of the event throughout the weekend.

There are many folks who deserve praise for the success of the event. Legio XX and their commander for allowing Nova Roma to attend in force, Consul Octavius for doing a fine job of working with the public at the NR pavilion, Senator Audens and our other attendees from the Gladiator Sodalitas for providing such exciting entertainment, Merlinia for providing delicious Roman food, and others for being there and doing their part as well.

There will be full "Nova Roma" event in the Nova Brittania Provincia on Sept 7th this year - "Roman Market Day". We hope to have both Gladiators and reenactors there, as well as LaWren's Nest selling wonderful reproduction civilian and military clothing, weapons, etc.

Plans are also underway for making next year's "Roman Days" in Maryland an even greater success... and hopefully others who were unable to attend this year, such as Consul Sulla (who was recovering from an operation.), Senator Q. Fabius, and Senator Pompeia Strabo.

In any case, I am glad to report that the event was a success, both for those attending and for Nova Roma as a whole! :)


Marcus Cassius Julianus
Senator, Pontifex Maximus

[Roman Days 2002 photos can be viewed here.]